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Intex Electric Air Pump

 1,799.00  1,099.00

Star Shower Laser Light

 2,999.00  2,799.00

15000mah Power Bank

 1,999.00  1,199.00

Samsung Solar Power Bank 20,000 Mah Buy 1 Get 1 Free

 3,299.00  2,399.00

Pack of 2 Insect Killer Energy Savers

 1,399.00  999.00

Heavy Duty Air Compressor

 1,499.00  1,199.00

USB Air Conditioner

 2,299.00  1,749.00

Ingco Car Pump Air Compressor Auto Electric Tire Inflator

 4,499.00  3,899.00

DP Folding Desk Led Lamp

 1,000.00  749.00

Universal Long Arm Mobile Phone Holder

 999.00  590.00

LED Water Dancing Speaker

 1,999.00  1,499.00

LED Dancing Water Speakers

 2,999.00  2,299.00

Clip Mp3 Player with 8 GB Memory Card

 799.00  599.00

Mini Air Conditioning Single Window Fan

 1,799.00  1,349.00

Niklas Revolving Home Portable Heater

 3,799.00  3,199.00

Mini Portable USB Desk Fan High Speed

 699.00  449.00

Lint Remover Sencor SLR 33

 1,799.00  1,349.00

National Electric Kettle

 1,899.00  1,549.00

Online Electronic Shopping in Pakistan with

Electronics have become a crucial part of our existence; no matter what are activities, we are bound to use some kind of an electronic device on a daily basis. Technological advancement has led to new technologies and electronic products being created on a regular basis. Gone are the days when we had to slave over simple tasks; now, advanced electronic gadgets are here to replace and aid mundane tasks and make life easier and trouble-free. Electronic gadgets offer the best of everything – from comfort to luxury, to saving time, effort and excess resources. And with so many options and competition from worldwide giant electronic brands, prices are coming down manifold and make it much easier for almost everybody to purchase electronic devices. is becoming the broad source of online electronics shopping in Pakistan introducing numerous benefits like the ones explained above.

Enjoy the Versatile Electronics Collection at

At we have state-of-the-art electronic devices such as TVs & video players, CD/DVD Players, Cameras, Speakers, power banks, MP3 & MP4 Players, gaming consoles, digital cameras, wholesale electronics, LED TVs, LCD TVs, telephones and many other items to supplement your daily activities. We offer a large variety of brands and aim to bring the largest variety and the best prices for online store buyers.

Among the popular names, there are Samsung electronics that produce large number of wares each year. Samsung smartphone is known to be the most used electronic accessory by the current generation. This South Korean company was established more than 70 year ago and creates devices like medical equipment, telecommunication equipment and semiconductors.

HP electronics consist of laptops, desktop computers, printers, scanners, display accessories and other home & office electronics. Headquartered in Palo Alto, Hewlett Packard Company produces outcome that are not just useful for individuals but also for the business organization. Associations require products that perform efficiently and able to deliver perfect output in fast paced environment. HP satisfies them all.

Huge Collection of Diverse Electronic Accessories in Pakistan

Laptops and mobile phones are not the only electronics that can be purchased and placed in house. Although, these two have huge significance but there are plenty of others that polish the daily life styles. Let’s start with the kitchen. Being the most essential part of each house, manufacturers have created many such items that can become the helping partner in the kitchen. The thing that comes in mind is refrigerator. Every Pakistani house has at least one refrigerator. They are meant to store food for longer time. Moreover, the sweet dishes like kheer and custard necessary require the low temperature of refrigerator to have the perfect form and taste.