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9 in 1 Skin Whitening Big Fruit Facial Kit – Acne Free

 1,399.00  949.00

Dermonu Acne Removal Cream

 1,899.00  1,449.00

Derma Face Roller

 1,750.00  1,350.00

Rivaj UK Sunblock Whitening Cream

 699.00  499.00

Pack Of 5 Original POND’S Products

 1,850.00  1,250.00

Intimate Whitening Cream

 1,299.00  949.00

Royal Bamboo Whitening Body & Facial

 4,000.00  3,100.00

Garnier BB Cream

 1,099.00  699.00

Whitening Lotion With Olive And Milk

 1,500.00  975.00

Bio Oil

 2,499.00  1,899.00

11 in 1 Beauty Device – Multi-function Massager

 2,299.00  899.00

Garnier Nutrion Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream

 899.00  590.00

Lakme CC

 699.00  499.00

Olive With Milk Whitening Black Mask

 1,500.00  799.00

Cleaner Face Massager 4 In 1

 1,799.00  1,349.00

Set Of 3 Cover Fx Drop Liquid Highlighters

 1,899.00  1,699.00

Acid Whitening Cream

 525.00  349.00

Fair & Lovely BB Cream

 399.00  299.00

Buy Skin Care Product in Pakistan at

There was a time when you would find only a limited variety of cosmetics and skin care products in Pakistan. There were a few stores in only the major cities that sold international brands of makeup. Today however things have changed. Not only do we have major internal brands but also some high quality local brands have popped up. Luscious Cosmetics is the first name that comes to mind. It is a Pakistani cosmetics brand that also sells beauty products in Pakistan. Three things that we consider are the most important items of makeup are the mascara, a lip color and blush. If you are taking proper care of your skin then u don’t necessarily need a foundation as it does not do much for the face. Just begin with a volumizing mascara on your eye lashes. It brushes out every lash so that it shows separately and makes your eyes look bigger naturally. Color your lips in bright or bold tones to give you a pop of color. Lastly blush you cheeks in a tone that is naturally close to your skin such as orange or pink.

Reinventing your Skin with Regular Facials

Every day our skin is exposed to harmful sun rays, dust and pollution of the city. Start with taking regular facials. A facial is a complete cycle of deep cleansing, exfoliation, toning and rehydration. There are many salons in city that can do this for you but some might charge a very high price for it. You can also do the facial yourself at home. This will not only save time and money but you will be a lot more regular as you wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of booking and taking out time. There are many brands for facial care products but the best facial products in Pakistan are Dermalogica and Gensen. They have a complete range of cleansing, scrubbing and skin polish products in Pakistan.