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Energy King Massager

 3,799  2,949

Manipol Body Massager

 2,999  2,199

Izen Eye Massager

 1,699  1,199

Multi function Brain Comfort Massager

 1,649  1,349

U Touch 5 In 1 Full Body Massage Vibrator

 1,099  999

4D Massager Silver

 1,700  1,549

Mini Body Massager

 700  549

Massage Mattress

 6,999  5,899

Infrared Massager

 1,899  1,449

Foot Massager Machine

 5,799  4,499

Fidget Spinner

 1,499  949

EZ Leg Massager

 1,899  1,449

Eye Care Massager

 1,699  1,199

Body Slimmer

 1,899  1,299

Body Innovation Massager

 3,799  2,949

Car Seat Massager

 6,499  5,399

Car & Home Massage Pillow

 3,999  2,949

Yukai Gifts Neck Pain Killer Massager

 899  649

Relax Away with the Best Quality Massagers in Pakistan

Everyone needs a good massage after a long day at work or after attending a tiresome event. It relaxes your muscles and makes you feel better. What better way to get a massage than with a massager? There are many types of Massagers & relaxation devices in Pakistan that can relax your whole body or target one specific area that needs a great amount of attention. Each one is known to offer its own set of features and luxury that you would love to have.

BuyOye is offering the whole range of massager right here along with the lowest massagers & relaxation devices price in Pakistan to choose from and relax yourself.

Foot Massagers

The feet go through a lot of trouble throughout the whole day. Therefore, it is needed that they get the required amount of rest that they need. Many of the foot rest massagers provide the famous percussive massages or shiatsu massage. Some of them provide a massage up to the calf areas as well.

Neck and Head Massagers

Neck and Head Massagers work in the same way. Some of these are wrapped around the neck while some people have to lean down to get access to the device. This works by applying pressure on certain points that relax and soothe the upper half of the whole body.

Cushion Massagers

Cushion Massagers are also known as pillow massagers by many brands. These are attached onto a seat or a bed according to the body size and shape of the person. Some of the cushion massagers are used by people while driving as they provide warmth by using the car’s charging device. Many of the pillow massagers use rollers that move backwards and forwards giving the feel of a massager’s fingers moving along the pressure points. These are known as back cushions with internal rollers.

Water Based Massagers

There are many body massagers that are used when a person is in the shower or these use actual water to function. Massaging showers are generally handheld and work on the body by adjusting the level at which water is supposed to be thrown. There are different speeds and pressure levels present that the user can choose from.

A Massage tub has different sizes of water jets available that can shoot water from multiple sides to help soothe the body. The tubs range in size and can be bought according to the bathroom of the person. There are also water based foot massagers that use the temperature and pressure of water to relax and soothe the feet. Moreover, some also have vibrating bases as well.