HBT Gear Belt

  • A great addition to a fitness workout – must have if you are walking, running, cardio, aerobics, weight lifting, or wear it around the house or at work!
  • Sweat more and get rid of toxins – get rid of water weight quickly and slims your waist.
  • MID ringtones section / support and warmth appeared on muscle – designed to cover the entire target for pressure and work the muscles of your father the abdominal area.
  • Great for love handles.
  • Wider and high quality – manufactured with premium soft fabric cover Built to last.
  • Adjustable neoprene belt sauna that will not rip like other products.
  • Velcro focus on wider coverage and to ensure tight.
  • Target and tone your mid-section
  • Heating the core area of your abdomen and makes you sweat more
  • Intensify and increase exercise to burn calories
  • Heat and support your back muscles
  • Provides a wider coverage. It fits up to 50 “waist, One size fits all
  • Pay Cash on Delivery
  • 7 Days Warranty
  • 24_48 hours delivery time
  • Free Shipping over Rs. 1500/_

 1,699.00  1,175.00



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