Coffee Magic Frothing Cup

  • Coffee Magic is a battery-powered coffee mug. A small wire whisk in the bottom of the mug froths milk to let you create fancy coffee drinks.
  • The Coffee Magic packaging touts the mug as “the quickest, easiest way to turn coffee into a gourmet treat!”
  • The mug itself comes in three pieces: a plastic base that contains the battery compartment and wire whisk; an acrylic mug with handle that twists onto the base; and a “travel lid” so the Coffee Magic mug can be taken on the road.
  • The process is straight forward: add a little milk to the bottom of the mug; push the button to start the whisking; and watch the milk froth up. Then add your favorite flavorings or sweeteners and coffee.
  • For instant coffee, all ingredients can be added to the mug and the whisk activated to mix it all together.
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