Bit 360 All-in-One Screwdriver and Bit Set

  • The all-in-one screwdriver that changes bits quickly and easily with a twist
  • Simply pull it to remove the bit, twist it to change the bit, and push it to load a new bit!
  • Screwdriver bit set includes 6 common screwdriver bits, or you can load your own
  • No more losing bits or misplacing them
  • Made to withstand all types of wear and tear!
  • Comes with six common bits, but you can also load your own.
  • Magnetized so screw stays on the bit
  • Fits most sizes and types of screws
  • Rotating chamber holds and exchanges all screwdriver bits
  • Pay Cash on Delivery
  • 7 Days Warranty
  • 24_48 hours delivery time
  • Free Shipping over Rs. 1500/_

 999.00  625.00



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